The UK Elections: From May to Mayhem!

What an amazing world we live in. My good friend Nik Gowing captured it perfectly in his report, Thinking the Unthinkable, which has been proposed in the section “Recommended Books”.

The Brexit referendum results were deplorable, but I always wondered what Theresa May’s slogan “Brexit Means Brexit” actually meant. The tone combined with bombastically empty content reminded me of some of the Maoist slogans at the time of the Cultural Revolution.

Whatever it meant then, following the results of the UK elections (wow!) and the hung parliament, it is ever more obscure. The words of the sub-title, From May to Mayhem, vividly illustrate the reality and brings more meaning than “Brexit means Brexit”.

Of course, Theresa is not alone! We also have Donald. What we are witnessing, as I argue in a piece soon to be published and posted on the Evian website, is the collapse of the post-World War II Anglo-American global order, splendidly set out in The Atlantic Charter promulgated by Churchill and Roosevelt on 14 August 1941.

What happens now? To the UK? To the EU? To the US? To the world?

The goal of the re-launched Evian Group is to generate ideas, ideas, ideas to guide the evolution of global governance in such a way that the coming generations will not be inheriting the unholy mess we are in at present.

So we look forward to many contributions from our network!

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